M. Patricia Carroll Fund

M. Patricia Carroll Fund

Our Mission

The mission of the M. Patricia Carroll Fund is to extend a helping hand to members of the legal profession in crisis: judges, lawyers, and law students, struggling with serious mental health, substance abuse, alcoholism, or other addictive or behavioral issues. The need is vast: a 2016 ABA survey of more than 12,000 lawyers nation-wide found that one out of every five attorneys identified themselves as problem drinkers, and nearly one in three struggle with depression.

As Pat and John Carroll observed, many of these individuals face financial obstacles in addressing their health needs: insurance coverage is unavailable or insufficient, and, often as a result of years of impairment and uneven employment, there is otherwise no ability to pay. The M. Patricia Carroll Fund participates in the funding of treatment where assistance is necessary.

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  • “Several years ago, at a time when our family situation was desperate, hope came to us in the form of LCL and the M. Patricia Carroll Fund. After struggling with alcoholism for many years, my husband had exhausted all his benefits and could not afford further treatment. Through the Carroll Fund, LCL stepped in to provide him with a scholarship to an inpatient rehabilitation facility and he has been sober ever since. With their help, we learned not to give up before the miracle, and for that we are forever grateful.” — Anonymous Family Member

  • “In June, 2012, after a half dozen unsuccessful rehab stays and years of failed outpatient treatment, I was out of insurance benefits, estranged from my family and barely employed. I had run out of luck and options. Or so thought. Some attorneys who for some reason thought I was worth saving, arranged through the M. Patricia Carroll Fund to send me to Mirmont for thirty days at no cost to me. I have been sober ever since. I am also back with my family and employed by the very firm that had fired me fifteen years ago due to my alcoholism. I and my family owe much more than we can ever repay to the M. Patricia Carroll Fund.” — Anonymous Philadelphia Attorney

  • “I would like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to the MPC Fund for your generosity and compassion. When life became unmanageable, my wife reached out to a group of concerned lawyers who in turn, steered us to the MPC Fund. With the assistance of the Fund, I was able to continue treatment beyond family means. The MPCF was instrumental in helping me become a better father and husband, as well as a better lawyer.” — Anonymous Pittsburgh Attorney